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Fridays Call for Pizzas!

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Fridays Call for Pizzas!

Fridays are the most loved days o the week for many, and theonly thing thta can make Friday better is some doughed love in the form of the legendary Pizza.  If your craving Pizza on a friday night, then we give you Pizzas that meet those cravings. Take a look at these mouth-watering pizzas that taste as good as they look.


The Woodsman Pizza

With great fervour, our chefs talk about their latest creation – the Woodsman Pizza. And for good reason! The smoky aroma and the woody flavour play in tandem to hand you a pizza that you will remember. Deboned chicken leg, marinated with Worcestershire sauce, British roast-seasoning and rosemary, is grilled, diced and rested to keep the juices intact. The pizza base calls for an in-house special tomato sauce, cheese sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, onion, pepper and cheddar cheese before being baked to a blistering golden. Finished off with a fine drizzle of barbeque sauce, the Woodsman Pizza is your stairway to pizza heaven.

woodsman pizza.JPG


Exotic Ranch Veggie Pizza

Did you know that a cowboy named Steve Henson invented the ‘ranch’ dressing back in the 50s? He eventually sold the recipe of the dressing to a mass producer for $8 million! We’ve whipped up our own lip-smacking ranch that features in this pizza! A generous streak of tomato sauce, followed by cheese sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, zucchini, peppers and broccoli grace the pizza base. A round-in-the-oven later, dollops of the in-house mustard, garlic and hung-curd ranch and torn rocket leaves are carefully cast in the stellar pizza, packed and sent straight to you

Exotic Ranch Veggie Pizza.JPG


Exotic Naples Pizza

Did you know that late in 2017, UNESCO’s committee for the Safeguarding of Intangible Cultural Heritage recognized the Naples Pizza or Neapolitan Pizza as one of civilization’s glories? It was only fair for Naples to explode into a pizza party. We thought we’d continue the celebration and extend an invitation to you! A layer of tangy tomato sauce smothered over a doughy base, takes on cheese sauce and mozzarella before being dotted with zucchini, pepper, mushroom, black olive and chilli flakes and baked to a blistering golden.


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