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Minestrone Genovese Soup

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Minestrone Genovese Soup

There are many ways to prepare Minestrone in Italy. One of them is by blending in pesto and this version is called Genovese. Our take on this classic is made with grilled chicken and fresh veggies such as carrot, potatoes, zucchini, cauliflower and leeks with a blend of pesto, shavings of parmesan and a generous addition of pasta. Slurp up the deliciousness!




For the soup


Mirepoix - 50gms

Diced chicken raw - 800gms

Diced carrot - 100gms

Diced potato - 200gms

Diced leek - 50gms

Diced celery - 50gms

Diced green zucchini - 100gms

Diced yellow zucchini - 100gms

Chopped garlic - 20gms

Cauliflower florents - 100gms

Chicken stock





Basil pesto - 100gms

Sliced penne pasta - 200gms

Parmesan cheese - 3gms


For croutons


Sliced bread - 10gms

Garlic butter - 50gms




For the Soup

Heat oil and butter in a hot pan, add the mirepoix, the diced vegetables and pour in the stock little by little. When the vegetables are half done take quarter of the vegetables out from the pan and puree them. Add the puree in the soup and boil it to thicken it.


Cut chicken breast and chicken leg (boneless) into small pieces. Boil the chicken pieces with chicken stock till its cooked. Add it to the soup at the very end.


Add freshly grated parmesan, basil pesto and sliced penne pasta and adjust seasoning. Add in the lemon juice.


For the croutons


Trim off edges of sliced bread and cut into even dices [4*4]. Toast these in in the oven until they are slightly brown and crispy. Toss with garlic butter when hot. Serve crispy croutons along with the soup.

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