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Egg-Basil Wrap

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Egg-Basil Wrap

A super-light bite that is super tasty – diced, hard-boiled eggs are seasoned and tossed with leek, carrot, celery, olive, cabbage, spring onion and basil. A dollop of mayonnaise binds the mixture together before it is wrapped in a warm and soft laccha paratha! 

Laccha Paratha - 1

For the Filling

Hard boiled egg diced - 2

Mayonnaise - 100gms

Grated Cheese - 10gms

Chopped basil - 2gms

Chopped olives - 2gms

Small diced carrot - 20gms

Chopped Leek - 5gms

Chopped celery - 2gms

Chopped spring onion - 5gms

Chopped cabbage - 15gms






Egg basil filling.

 Make a filling out of the diced boiled egg, carrot, chopped leek, chopped celery, spring onion, chopped basil, chopped olives, chopped cabbage. Adjust seasoning and finally add mayonnaise. Keep the filling aside.  

 Take the Laccha Paratha and cook it on a non-stick pan, add the egg mayo filling, wrap it tightly and serve.

egg basil wrap.JPG


Make this delicious snack at home or simply order it in! Check out for more amazing dishes.