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Hakuna Matata Chicken Burger

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Hakuna Matata Chicken Burger

Nothing defines comfort food like a good 'ol classic burger. Bite into this chicken mince burger that's topped with crispy fried pulled chicken and cheese.



For the minced meat

Chicken mince - 150gms

Chopped onion - 10gms

Chopped garlic - 3gms

Chopped Leeks  - 2gms

Chopped celery - 1gms

Lemon juice - 3gms

Dijon mustard - 5gms

Dry thyme - 1gm

Dry oregano - 1gm

Parsley, Chopped - 2gms

Egg - 10gms


Black pepper

Refined oil


For the Crispy chicken

Chicken breast boneless - 80gms

Chopped garlic - 2gms

Lemon juice - 3ml

Corn flour - 15gms

Peri peri marinade - 5ml

Refined oil for deep frying

Ranch - 30gms

Burger bun - 1

Cheese slice - 1

Green lettuce - 5gms

Butter - 5gms

Potato wedges - 70gms (optional)


For the patty

Mix the mentioned ingredients in a bowl, form a patty of 150 gms. Grill it both sides for roughly 2 minutes each side and finish it in the oven

Marinate chicken leg boneless with the given ingredients, pan-sear and complete cooking the chicken in the oven. 

Once cooked,  pulled the chicken into pieces by hand. Toss it with corn flour and deep fry till its crisp.

Sprinkle peri-peri marinade on this and toss.

Slice the burger bun into two. Apply butter and toast it on the hot plate.

Apply ranch. Put lettuce on the base, place the patty followed by the cheese slice, top up with the ranch and then the fried chicken and finally close with the other slice of bun.

Serve along with potato wedges (optional)


Make this delicious snack at home or more salads in! Check out for more amazing dishes.