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Cheesy Chicken Frankfurter Popcorn

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Cheesy Chicken Frankfurter Popcorn

Craving a quick spicy, cheesy and meaty bite? Then here’s your pitstop! Our Cheesy Frankfurter Popcorn will WOW you. Bite size and chunky chicken frankfurters are marinated with the oh-so-spicy ghost chilli, bread-crumbed and fried to crisp. Cheese sauce and spicy tomato salsa complete your bowl of crispy, cheesy bliss.

Chicken Frankfurters - 80gms


Black Pepper

Bhoot Jhulakia(Ghost chilli) - 5gms

Garlic - 2gms

Eggs - 25gms

Maida - 15gms

Refined Oil

Bread Crumbs (Orange Panko) - 50gms

Pizza Cheese Sauce - 800Gms

Fresh Cream Mother Dairy - 15gms

Tomato salsa - 20gms

Parsley Leaves - 0.5gms



1. Thaw and slice the chicken frankfurter.

2. Marinate it with salt, pepper, bhoot jholakia spice, garlic, egg, maida, water (if needed). Mix well. Let it marinate.

3. Crumb sausage pieces well and fry in hot oil

4. Blend cheese and cream in a mixie to make the cheese sauce.

5. Drizzle cheese sauce and tomato salsa on top. Sprinkle chopped parsley on top and serve.

chicken frankfurter.JPG

Make this delicious snack at home or simply order it in! Check out for more amazing dishes.