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Breakfast Superfood Cookie

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Breakfast Superfood Cookie

Looking for a nutrient-dense breakfast option? Our crunchy, munchy and delicious Superfood Breakfast Cookies will put a spring in your step and have you absolutely ready for your day! Oats, cranberry, flax and pumpkin seeds, cashew, almond, honey and jaggery – they are all in this cookie!



Oats - 300gms

Honey - 100gms

Cornflakes - 300gms

Jaggery - 100gms

Almond slivers - 30gms

Cashew nuts - 30gms

Pumpkin seeds - 30

Flax seeds - 10gms

Cranberry - 10gms


1. Boil jaggery and honey together.

2. Fold in the dry ingredients into the honey-jaggery mix. Cook for 7-8 mins. 

3. Remove the mixture and tap it with your palm to make cookies of roughly 40 gms each.

4. Bake the mixture for 7-10 mins till set. Cool it and serve.

superfood cookie.JPG