Motichoor Mango Phirni Mousse


Imagine a motichoor laddoo dressed in creamy mango-flavoured phirni and served on a bed of diced mangoes drizzled with cranberries. This is dessert, as good as it gets!



Mothichoor ladoo  -  1

For Phirnee

Milk - 500ml

Rice - 20gms

Sugar - 10gms

Mango pulp - 10gms

Cardamon - 2gms

Whipped cream - 1000gms

Mango sliced in syrup - 200

For garnish

Pistachio slivers - 40gms

Saffron - 1

Cranberry chopped - 30gms

Silver leaf - 1


Special Instructions: Soak the rice for 1 hr.

1. Use a blender and coarsely grind the rice and wash it before soaking it for an hour. 

2. Boil it till its soft, add the milk and then finally add the cardamon to make the phirni

3. Let it cool, mix in the mango pulp and fold in the whipped cream and keep it refrigerated.

4. Now layer the jar, by first placing the chopped mangoes, followed by the mango phirni mousse, and top it with half a piece of ladoo in the centre. Add the chopped cranberry on the sides with a sprinkling of pistachio slivers and saffron strands.

5. Place the silver sheet on top as garnish and serve chilled.