Thai Larb Gai Chicken Salad

Try this delicious dish from Laos that is packed with fibre-rich ingredients that help in digestion. It comes with the refreshing flavours of peppery galangal, aromatic lemongrass, herbaceous Thai basil and high-protein chicken mince. These fresh ingredients are tossed with greens such as juicy lettuce, purple cabbage and green beans.



Chicken mince raw - 200gms

Chopped onion - 10gms

Chopped garlic - 10gms

Chopped galangal - 5gms

Chopped lemongrass - 5gms

Chopped basil - 5gms

Toasted peanut - 5gms

Coriander - 3gms

Chopped red chilly  - 3gms

Lemon - 1

Thai red curry paste - 20gms

Oil - 10ml




For the Salad

Lettuce - 50gms

Onion slices - 20gms

Purple cabbage shredded - 30gms

French beans - 20gms

Carrot  shredded - 30gms

Chopped coriander - 5gms

Basil - 5gms

Chopped red chilly - 1gm

Lemon juice - 1ml



Oil - 5ml



Minced chicken :   

Sautee the chopped ingredients add the mince meat add Thai red curry paste saute till its crumbly in texture add lemon juice. Add chopped basil and chopped coriander season it well.


Mix all ingredients together except lettuce. Arrange the salad by placing lettuce mince meat and vegetables. Garnish with torn basil.