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Roasted Pumpkin 'n' Chicken Bacon Salad

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Roasted Pumpkin 'n' Chicken Bacon Salad


"Butternut squash, often described as being 'smooth as butter, sweet as nut', is speculated to have originated in the state of Massachusetts, USA. Although a fruit, butternut squash has been promoted to the class of winter-veggies and cooked as though it were  a vegetable. Referred to as ‘pumpkin’ in Australia and ‘gramma’ in New Zealand, the veggie has become quite the fave! Our hearty salad contains diced and roasted pumpkin that’s tossed with chicken-bacon, quinoa, broccoli, black olives, roasted onions, assorted lettuce and almond flakes. Served with a sweet and savoury maple- and rosemary-dressing on the side, you are about to experience a salad-rush like never before.  



Red pumpkin dices - (15 gms)120

Broccoli florets(blanched) - 40gms

Onion slices - 20gms

Boiled mixed quinoa - 40gms

Chicken bacon strip - 2gms

Black olives(cut into halves lengthwise) - 10gms

Assorted lettuce - 20gms

Chopped parsley - 5gms

Chopped onion - 15gms

Chopped garlic - 1gm

Dry oregano - 0.5gm


Crushed black pepper - 1gm

Butter - 5gm

Olive oil - 5gms

Pancake syrup, (maple syrup) - 5gms

Chilli flakes - 0.5gms

Almond flakes(toasted) - 5gms

Lemon juice - 2ml



Vinaigrette - 20ml

Pancake syrup, (maple syrup) - 10gms

Chopped fresh rosemary - 0.5gm

Lemon juice - 2ml



1. Marinate the diced pumpkin and onion slices with chopped garlic, fresh rosemary, maple syrup, salt, and butter. Roast it in the oven at 160°C for around 20 minutes, until the pumpkin gets a golden tinge to it.

2. Cut the chicken bacon into strips and saute on a pan till they are crisp.

3. Heat olive oil in a pan, add chopped onion and saute for a minute. Add boiled quinoa, chopped parsley, salt and black pepper.

3. Take a salad bowl, add roasted pumpkin and onion, quinoa, broccoli florets, black olives, chicken- bacon strips and the.remaining herbs and adjust seasoning.

4. Garnish with toasted almond flakes and few lettuce leaves and serve with the dressing.

Make this yummy dish at home or simply order it in!

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