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Gado-Gado Chicken Salad

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Gado-Gado Chicken Salad


Roast chicken 

Chicken breast - 100gms

Salt - 2

Pepper - 2

Lemon juice - 4ml

Thyme - 1gm

Rosemary - 1gm

Mince garlic - 2gm

Hard-boiled - egg sliced (Half egg) - 40gms

Mix sprouts blanched - 50gms

Cucumber small dices - 20gms

Roasted chicken sliced 

Cherry tomato halves - 10gms

Boiled sweet corn - 20gms

Sliced spring onion - 5gms

Lemon juice - 4ml

Pomace oil - 5ml

Mix lettuce - 20gms


 Vinaigrette dressing 

Veeba vinaigrette - 40gms

Salt - 0.2gms

Pepper - 0.2gms

Lemon juice - 2gm

Oil - 2ml

Peanut butter - 5gms

Sesame oil - 2ml

Rice wine vinegar - 5ml

Chopped garlic - 0.2gms

Chopped ginger 0.2

Light soy - 4ml 



Marinate chicken breast with salt, pepper, oil, rosemary, thyme, garlic and lemon juice. Let it marinate for 2 hours. 

 Sear it on a hot grill and cook in oven till done. Cut into even slices.  

       2. Take a clean bowl, add the vegetables toss it with salt, pepper lemon juice add in the mixed lettuce.    

 At last, add the chicken slices. Finally, add a sliced egg as garnish.    

       For the vinaigrette dressing, add peanut-butter, sesame oil, rice-wine vinegar chopped ginger, chopped garlic and light soy whisk it well.



Make this yummy dish at home or simply order it in!