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Chicken Tennessee Steak

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Chicken Tennessee Steak

Whiskey, a spirit that can last forever, ages and matures in millions of barrels across the globe as you read this. Certain whiskeys are older than you or your kin – we’re serious! Whiskey, when imbibed into a culinary creation, lends a certain maturity and class to the flavours. And we dare to rank our Chicken Tennessee Steak as being haute. A luscious whiskey sauce tops a well-grilled chicken steak, herbed-buttered-rice and grilled, assorted veggies.

For chicken steak

Chicken breast - 1.4kgs

Mince garlic - 40gms

Fresh thyme - 5gms

Dry sage - 8gms

Salt - 4gms

Pepper - 6gms

Paprika powder - 6gms

Lemon juice - 10ml

Dijon mustard - 20gms

Worchestire sauce - 5gms

Oil - 50ml

For Tennessee sauce

JD sauce

Mirepoix - 100gms

Butter - 50gms

Fresh thyme - 4gms

Dry sage - 6gms

Salt - 3gms

Pepper - 6gms


Zucchini - 300gms

Carrot - 200gms

Broccoli florets - 100gms

Mushroom halves - 100gms

Butter - 30gms

Chopped garlic - 8gms

Salt - 2gmsgm

Pepper - 1

Chopped parsley - 4gms


Herb Butter rice

Mirepoix - 70gms

Brown butter - 40gms

Chopped parsley - 4gms

Boiled rice - 1800gms

Salt - 4gms

Pepper - 2gms




For chicken steak      

 Take a 140 gm chicken breast to slice it into two halves remaining one end attached. Make a butterfly shape, hammer it to make it thin and then add minced garlic fresh thyme, sage,

 dijon mustard, oil, sauce, paprika powder, salt pepper and keep it in the chiller for at least half an hour.    

 Grill it well and finish it on the griller itself.      


 2 For tennessee      

 Melt butter add mierpoix, add the JD sauce finish it with herbs and adjust seasoning.      

 Add a little bit of butter to finish the sauce.      


3 Turned vegetables       

 Make turned vegetables and sautee them with chopped garlic add chopped parsley and adjust seasoning.    


4 Herbed butter rice       

 Toss mirepoix with rice and brown butter add chopped parsley. Adjust seasoning.


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