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Keto Pizza Bake

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Keto Pizza Bake

In the US, the crust of the pizza marks the place of its origin – ultra-thin would mean Chicago, a step up would be from the coal-ovens of New Haven and the blistered, thick cheese-blanketed pizza good enough to fold comes straight out of New York. An unhappy economy in Chicago post World War II also saw the birth of the deep-dish pizza or deep-dish pie! We give the commoners’ meal a delightful keto twist – sweet seasonal assorted veggies, jalapeño, olives, basil and three varieties of cheese are folded into a spicy tomato sauce, packed into a box of your own, topped with mozzarella and baked to ecstasy. This sure is a fantastic KETO indulgence!




Oil - 5ml

Butter - 5gms

Finely chopped garlic - 2gms

Fresh torn basil - 1gm

Diced zucchini - 100gms

Diced red pepper - 10gms

Blanched broccoli florets - 40gms

Sliced button mushroom - 70gms

Diced onion - 10gms

Black olives halved - 5gms

Jalapeno halves - 2gms

Tomato concasse - 70gms

Cheese - 10gms

Mozzarella cheese - 20gms

Cheese sauce - 5gms

Oregano - 2gms

Chilli flakes - 0.25gms

Sliced almonds toasted - 0.5gms


White pepper powder

Olive oil - 2ml




1.Heat oil in a pan, add butter, oil and chopped garlic. Add the diced zucchini, pepper, sliced button mushroom and blanched broccoli. Saute it well, add fresh torn basil and oregano. Adjust seasoning.


2.Take tomato concasse in a separate pan and reduce it to a thick consistency.


3.Now add the sauce to the sauteed vegetables add jalapeno, black olives, and the 3 kinds of cheese. (Do not use the entire cheese set aside a quarter of the mix half for garnish).


4.While serving, add the tossed vegetable in tomato concasse. Top it up with mozzarella cheese, grated processed cheese and dollops of cheddar cheese sauce.


5.Sprinkle dry oregano and chilli flakes and drizzle olive oil. Oven Bake for 3 minutes at 180°C. Garnish with fresh basil and sliced toasted almonds and serve.

Keto Pizza Bake.JPG


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