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Chicken Steak in Mushroom Sauce 'n' Quinoa Brown Rice

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Chicken Steak in Mushroom Sauce 'n' Quinoa Brown Rice

Mushrooms. Food and foe. Why foe you ask? The untimely demise of the holy Roman emperor, King Charles VI, who, while consuming his meal fell dead to the floor, led to the great war of Austrian succession. What he thought to be regular mushrooms turned out to be the dreadful ‘amanita’ or ‘death cap’ mushrooms. Unlike the poor king, our herbed chicken-steak paired with a mild, savoury mushroom sauce, one of our bestsellers, has certainly stood the test of time. Served with quinoa-brown-rice, this KETO meal light and nutritious.




Chicken leg boneless - 1.4kgs



Thyme - 6gms

Dijon mustard - 50gms

Minced garlic - 30gms


Lemon juice - 25m


For the mushroom sauce


Butter - 40gms

Mirepoix - 100gms

Chopped garlic - 20gms

Red wine vinegar - 50gms

Sliced button mushroom - 300gms

Demi-Glace powder - 180gms

Chicken stock - 1Litre

Salt - 4gms

Crush black pepper - 8gms


Sauteed vegetables


Triangle peppers - 100gms

Triangle cut zucchini - 100gms

Broccoli florets blanched - 100gms

Triangle carrot blanched - 100gms

French beans diamond cut blanched - 100gms

Chopped garlic - 20gms

Salt - 4gms

Pepper - 4

Chopped parsley - 18gms

Butter - 10gms

Oil - 10ml

Spinach olive quinoa rice.

Butter - 30ml

Finely chopped garlic - 20

Chopped black olives - 15ml

Fresh spinach leaves chopped (no stem)20

Boiled brown rice - 1.4kg

Boiled quinoa - 400gms

Salt - 6gms

Pepper - 4gms

Parsley (chopped) - 10gms

Lemon juice - 10ml




For chicken steak.

Take the chicken leg (boneless) marinate it well with salt, pepper, lemon juice, dijon mustard and seasoning. Keep it marinated for half an hour. Grill it for a few minutes and finish cooking it in the oven.


For sliced mushroom in black pepper flavoured sauce.


Heat Oil in a pan, add mirepoix and saute it, well add chopped garlic, red wine vinegar and add the sliced button mushroom and saute it.


Add chicken stock and simmer. Dilute demi-glace powder with hot water add it to the chicken stock. Reduce it add salt, pepper and in the end, add the butter.


Spinach-Olive Quinoa rice.


Heat butter, add chopped garlic and saute for a bit, add fresh spinach leaves add chopped black olives. Then add boiled quinoa, brown rice. Finish it with chopped parsley and butter. Make sure you adjust the seasoning.

Chicken Steak in Mushroom Sauce 'n' Quinoa Brown Rice.jpg

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