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A FreshMenu Exclusive: Marketplace

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A FreshMenu Exclusive: Marketplace

Welcome to Marketplace — where premium, exotic, and fine quality ingredients are made available at the click of a button. We believe that the secret to a great dish lies in the quality of the ingredients, and that alone defines the dish. Keeping that in mind, we have the most amazing lineup of ingredients that are bound to help you in making your family's next fave dish. Take a look at these, rather exceptional ingredients and get your thinking and chef caps on!


Dried strawberry

Dried Strawberry.JPG

These deliciously sweet dried strawberries are quite the treat. Forget artificially flavoured candies, we have the perfect replacement in store, and they’re super flavourful and healthy.


Tibetan Lemons

Tibetan Lemons.jpg

Who knew zesty lemons would work wonders as a dessert? These dried baby lemons are a Tibetan delicacy that’s made for anytime snacking and for those perfect endings to any meal.

Amaranth Flour


An ancient grain that has made quite the comeback has all the good things that you need. Amaranth, a  gluten-free grain has high amounts of protein, unlike other grains and this refined flour is made from high-quality amaranth and works great for tortillas or even regular rotis.

British Roast Lotus Seed Pops


Move over popcorn, these pops are taking over. Makhana or Lotus Seeds are dry roasted and seasoned to perfection. We bet you can't get enough of these melt-in-your-mouth pops that are also good for you.