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Our most loved dishes

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Our most loved dishes

These dishes are made for veggie-holics. When farm fresh ingredients meet fine cooking techniques, the result is nothing short of extraordinary. The top five veggie delights, the ones that you just couldn't get enough of are here! Celebrate true veggie-love with the dishes that YOU adore!

1. Spinach Mushroom Potpie with Garlic Bread

If milk protein and veggies are your thing, then this is a dish meant for you. Nutritious wilted spinach is tossed with button mushrooms, peppers and zucchini and loaded with cheese sauce and gratinated Mozzarella and Parmesan. Served with multi-grain garlic bread, this meal is the perfect go-to for all the times you feel like binging. 

Spinach Mushroom Potpie with Garlic Bread.jpg


2. Paneer Butter Masala with Mutter Pulao

If rice ( chawal ) is your thing and paneer butter masala makes you go weak in the knees, then this dish is meant for you! Delicious paneer tikka cooked in a rich tomato makhani gravy served on a bed of aromatic coriander pea rice. This is home food with a gourmet twist.


3. Chilly Bean Veggies n' Noodles with Batter fried Mushroom, Babycorn and Brocoli

Indo-Chinese meals aren’t just wholesome and comforting but strangely exciting owing to the number of flavours and textures packed in them so effortlessly. Our Chilli Bean Veggies ‘n’ Noodles will play out a sweet ballad to your palate; a bouquet of assorted veggies – baby corn, mushroom and broccoli – batter fried to crisp, tossed with peppers; onion and spring onion come together in a sweet and sour black-bean infused chilli sauce. Mixed-veg Noodles completes this flavourful meal. May contain mushrooms. No added MSG. 


4. Mini Crispy Fried American corn

A crispy appetizer, ideal for snacking. It comes with juicy sweet corn fried till golden and tossed with bell peppers and onions for added flavour. Pair it with one of our rustic mains and your meal is good to go!

mini corn.JPG

5. Paneer Tikka Wrap with Mint chutney

We take a gift from global cuisine, the wrap, straight to the heart of Punjab for a pleasant transformation. Bite-size smoked paneer tikka and fresh juliennes of onion wrapped in a laccha paratha, smothered with a layer of spicy mint chutney that will leave you hungry for more!


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