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Coleslaw Sandwich 'n' Hash Browns

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Coleslaw Sandwich 'n' Hash Browns

Coleslaw is one of those things that’s always there but rarely thought about. Did you know that coleslaw is derived from the Dutch word ‘koolsla’? ‘Kool’ in Dutch means cabbage and ‘sla’ is short for salad. Crunchy and munchy coleslaw of cabbage, carrot, bell peppers and jalapeño tossed in a creamy mayonnaise sauce, guarded by slices of toasted sandwich bread is accompanied by crisp hash browns – a perfect picnic breakfast even if you aren’t at one. 


For the sandwich

Shredded cabbage - 10gms

Shredded purple cabbage - 30gms

Julienne carrot - 20gms

Julienne capsicum - 20gms

Chopped jalapeno - 3gms

Dijon mustard - 6gms

Paprika powder - 2gms

Mayonnaise - 40gms

Salt - 0.5gms

Pepper - 0.25gms

Dry oregano - 0.5gms

Sliced bread - 2

Butter - 5gms

Cheddar cheese slice - 1

For the Hashbrowns

Boiled grated potato - 80gms

Mierpoix - 10gms

Chopped parsley - 1gm

Salt - 0.5gm

Pepper - 0.5gm

Grated nutmeg - 0.25gm



For the Coleslaw Sandwich.

 Take a clean bowl, add the julienne and shredded vegetables and add mayonnaise and adjust seasoning. Add the dijon mustard and mix it well.

 Keep the mixture stored in the chille for a while.  

 Toast the bread slices, add the cheese slices, add the coleslaw, trim off the edges cut, the sandwich into 2 triangular halves (refer picture below). 


 Grate boiled potatoes, add chopped parsley, mirepoix and adjust seasoning. Finish it with grated nutmeg.

Shape it like a coin, make a flour-corn flour batter dip and add hash brown crumbs to it with orange panko crumbs. Dip the potato patties in the mix and deep-fry till crisp and golden. 

coleslaw sandwich.JPG