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Wellness hacks: Tips on eating healthy

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Wellness hacks: Tips on eating healthy

If gyming seems like a far-fetched idea or the thought of dieting makes you miss pizza already, then these hacks are for you. Eating healthy doesn't necessarily have to be boring or (god-forbid) tasteless. These tasty, healthy hacks will have you eating right in no time. Why sacrifice on what the heart wants? Remember you can have your low-calorie cake and definitely eat it too!


Nuts about health

Nuts contain healthy fats and oils that are absolutely good for you. They provide you with all the nutrition and energy you need without any of the effects the ‘bad fats’ might have on you.


Salad sagas

The number of salads out there are staggering. From fruit, green to grains, a wholesome veggielicious salad or a salad with some meaty grilled chunks in it, you can never get weary of a salad.



Yoghurt is perfect

Yoghurt contains good bacteria, yes that’s right ‘good bacteria’. Flavoured yoghurt, yoghurt parfaits, or even smoothies not only help in keeping the body cool they keep the tongue delighted too.


Veggies, yes please!

You've had enough arguments with your mother at the very mention of the above word, but for the sake of all things good  and right we suggest you ‘eat your veggies!’ It’s all the nutrients you need for the day packed in colourful, natural bite-size portions. From Buddha bowls to green salads, it's all good!


Superfoods to the rescue.

Superfoods are undoubtedly the most spoken about subject in the culinary world, so what qualifies something as a superfood? It’s simple, any nutrient-dense food that is proven to be extremely beneficial to one’s well-being is what gains superfood status. Wheatgrass juice, coconut cakes, toasted kale leaves. Take your pick!


There no need to frown upon developing healthy food habits now! The line between eating health and eating tasty is quite obviously blurred. Take a look at our Fit and Fab, its proof!


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