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5 Summer Salads That You Will Love

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5 Summer Salads That You Will Love

All salads. All the time. This should be your mantra all summer long! We've made it so much easier to stay fit, fab and cool this summer with some truly satiating salads. Salad calendar for the week! 


Mixed Citrus Salad

Citrusy Salad.jpg

This citrusy seasonal salad comes with mixed lettuce, crunchy strips of fresh vegetables all in a zesty orange-lemon vinaigrette which packs a punch when it comes to flavour. 


Strawberry Feta Black Rice Salad

strawberry feta.jpg

Celebrate the innocence of love with this refreshing salad! Made with fresh strawberries, black rice, veggies and feta cheese dressed with balsamic vinaigrette.


Grilled Paneer Teriyaki Salad 

Grilled steak.jpg

Diced, grilled paneer, sprouts, bell pepper, zucchini and lettuce are seasoned, served with a rice-wine-vinegar infused teriyaki sauce, for you to do the honours…go ahead, toss it up and dig in.


Hawaiin Chicken Salad

Hawaiin Chicken Sald.jpg

This country-style salad combines the goodness of grilled chicken, fresh pineapple stripes, iceberg lettuce and peppers dressed in a creamy mayo dressing.


Three Bean Summer Salad

three bean summer salad.jpg

Feel right with every bite of this salad! A combination of 3 beans and peppers tossed along with crisp lettuce and roasted chicken. The chilli lime vinaigrette adds to the freshness of this salad. A perfect spring-inspired meal that's made for you!


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