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5 Summer Salads That You Will Love

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5 Summer Salads That You Will Love

It’s hard to ignore the summer heat, but let’s not forget it’s also the season where you get to taste amazing sun-kissed produce that’s picked fresh from the farm. Using these amazing ingredients result in better tasting, fresher dishes. Your body needs constant cooling during summer and as tempting as a few glasses of cold fluids and frozen products could be, there are healthier ways cool down. Stay fit, fab, and cool this summer with these fantastic dishes!


Turkish Chickpea Salad

Turkish Chickpea Salad.jpg

Let’s toss you up a Turkey-style salad that is oh-so-refreshing, shall we? Mildly mashed chickpeas, carrots, peppers, paneer and zucchini seasoned with Moroccan mint is topped with crumbled feta and pomegranate seeds and served with a creamy sumac-flavoured tahini. 


Summer Quinoa Salad

Summer quinoa.jpg

Get a taste of Summer in every bite! This refreshing salad is made with cucumber, quinoa, mango, bell peppers, black olives and lettuce well-coated in an olive vinaigrette dressing.


Summer Cooler Salad

summer cooler salad.jpg

Crunchy zucchini, refreshing cucumbers, sweet and sour cherry tomatoes, the earthiness of basil and rich olives, dressed in red wine vinegar, with a hint of oregano and drizzled with olive oil, its perfect for summers.


Habanero Orange Millet Feta Salad

Habanero millet.jpg

Juicy cucumbers, pineapple and cheese… just to get the ball rolling, and other delish veggies are tossed with a zingy Habanero spice mix, to which is added some succulent orange wedges and foxtail millets. The salad almost does a little tango with your taste-buds when the citrusy, spiced-vinaigrette dressing meets the crunchiness and explodes in your mouth.


Mini Summer Surprise Salad  

Summer mini.jpg

A nutritious and filling salad that's packed with flavours. Boneless chicken is well marinated in Cilantro and then tossed with american corn, veggies, lettuce and topped with fresh mango guacamole. Feel light this summer with this amazing salad!