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Burgers to make your day better!

Freshmenu Blog
Burgers to make your day better!

Make Fridays all about binging on meaty, juicy, cheesy burgers! Celebrate the weekend with these delicious treats. You can start with this list!


The Big Cheese Burger

 Our twist on the celebrated cheeseburger isn’t an accident but a well-thought-out plan to tease your cheeseburger craving. Perfectly grilled chicken-patty is stuffed with the mad, bad cheddar, peri-peri red-cabbage slaw and a cheese slice are placed between sliced, buttered burger-buns. AWESOME might be the first word that comes to mind when you feast your eyes on this burger. Try it, you won't ever want to leave it! 

The Big Cheese Burger.jpg


Chicken Sloppy Joe Burger

We bring you this American inspired burger with paprika-spiked chicken patty, topped with chicken mince, a savoury cocktail spread and cheddar cheese layered in a home-made multigrain loaf.

Chicken Sloppy Joe Burger.jpg


Big Joe Lamb Burger

The Big Joe Lamb Burger truly is BIG and all about the JUICY patty. Soft buns, a meaty patty, and some crunchy fresh veggies go into the making of the burger.

Big Joe Lamb Burger (Non Veg).jpg


Volcano Chicken Burger

Our burgers are carefully piled high with freshly picked vegetables and greens, delicious meat and an array of lip-smacking sauces. And dishing out a burger ‘better than the other’ each time is quite honestly second nature to us. Take the Volcano Burger for example – a deliciously succulent steak of deboned chicken leg, marinated overnight with garlic and ghost-chilli spice powder; is breaded, deep fried and layered with onion, tomato and lettuce between sliced burger buns and smothered with a ghost-chilli-infused cheese sauce.


Smoked Chipotle Burger

A delicious burger made a crunchy patty of red kidney beans, veggies and potatoes; layered with tomato, cucumber and mustard mayo and served with potato wedges on the side.


Give in to your burger cravings! Order delicious burgers form Freshmenu today!