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5 Food Trends You Should Know About

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5 Food Trends You Should Know About

Food trends may come and go, however, there are some trends that we tend to fall in love with. Curious about local food trends? We're about to kill that curiosity with a healthy serving of what’s trending right now!


Stem-to-root eating


You’ve been doing this way longer than you think. Eating carrots with their leaves still attached or cooking whole turnips not only makes sure that all the nutrients are intact, it results in a more flavourful dish.


Black is finally, the new black.


From black rice to activated charcoal, the colour black has made its way to the kitchen floor. Do not be surprised if you find black coloured smoothies or some black ice-cream around your vicinity more often now, than ever before.


A big, fat yes.


Fat is trending! Yes, you read that right, not the slimy kind, the good fats that we can get from a scrumptious keto meal or a by gulping a handful of nuts. There's no shying away from these fats now.


Whole bowled meals.


Loved by vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike, bowled meals are all the rage with the urban crowd now. Healthy, quick and filling, the number of bowled meals that are being sold on a daily basis is absolutely mind-boggling. 


Twist on street-eats

Peanuts and Sprout.JPG

A twist on some classic street-eats - pubs, resto-bars as well as online food delivery portals have gone all out in curating menus that celebrate street-food. From peanut masala shots to coloured momos, there’s something for every foodie.


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