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Roll up those sleeves, tie up your hair and get ready to put together these great DIY summer-food hacks to help cool you off instantly!


Chia-Watermelon Pu-da-ding-ding

Chia’s a great coolant as it is. Pair it with diced watermelon and cucumber in a cup, fill with water to the brim, and refrigerate for 15 minutes. Sprinkle chaat masala just before you dig in.



Herby Tangy Coco

If you haven’t a cocktail shaker, a bottle will work just fine – combine tender-coconut water, mint leaves, a hint of honey and a dash of lemon juice. Give it good shake, pour it into a chilled jar and garnished with chilled tender-coconut shavings. 


Celery Clinton

Water-down yogurt just a wee bit and whisk, into it, celery juice, honey, and crushed toasted fennel. Refrigerate till you wish to quench your thirst, but before you drink it all up, do sprinkle a pinch of grated nutmeg!



Sweet Tomato Sa-laad

Here’s one from the childhood snack packs – in a bowl, combine roughly chopped tomatoes, honey and a pinch or two of cinnamon powder, garnish with mint leaves and eat super-chilled.



Chill-Scenes Sprouts Chaat

This chaat works anytime of the day, really! In a bowl combine sprouts, diced musk-melon, pomegranate and chopped dill leaves, and chill until you are ready to toss in some chaat masala.   


Try these DIY dishes at home or check out for more dishes!