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Baked Veggie Alfredo

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Baked Veggie Alfredo

Mark Twain once wrote: a cauliflower is nothing but a cabbage with a college education. While the 21st century meat-aficionados would shun the cauliflower; the humble, flowery vegetable was all the rage in the court of Louis XIV and served in the finest preparations.

Humble meets rich here too – cauliflower, broccoli and peppers are folded into a cheesy, creamy béchamel, topped with more cheese for your indulgence and baked to golden perfection. Dig right in!




Butter - 10gms

Chopped onion - 10gms

Chopped garlic - 2

Sliced celery - 2

Diced peppers - 20gms

Diced onion - 10gms

Cherry tomato (halves) 10

Black olives (halves) - 5

Blanched Broccoli Floret - 5gms

Boiled Cauliflower floret - 10gms

Dry thyme - 11gms

Chopped parsley - 5gms

Bechamel sauce(white sauce) - 80 gms

Fresh cream - 10gms

Delecta cheddar cheese sauce - 20gms

Grated cheese - 10gms

Parmasen cheese - 5rgms

Grated nutmeg -  0.25gms


White pepper powder



 Heat oil and butter in a pan, add chopped garlic, chopped onion and sliced celery.   

 Add diced peppers, onion and other vegetables and saute. Add white sauce and add fresh cream after 4-5 min.

 Now add the cheddar cheese sauce, grated  cheese and adjust seasoning. Add chopped parsley and grated nutmeg. Finish it with a dollop of butter.    

Add the tossed vegetables in the alfredo sauce top it up with black olives and grated parmesan cheese.

 Bake in an oven for 2-3 minuites at 180'c. Garnish with chopped parsley and serve hot.

Baked Keto Cauliflower Alfredo (Veg).JPG

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