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Bowls were predicted to trend in 2018 and they are undoubtedly trending right now! People are falling in love 'bowled meals' and we can totally understand why. Easy, hassle-free and just plain yummy, it's time to get to know your bowls!


Macro bowls


Simple, delicious and packed with nutrition, these bowls are designed to provide you with all the macronutrients that are essential for you. They contain carbs, proteins, and fats. An exquisitely balanced meal bowl that can be consumed at any time of the day!


Buddha bowls or Power bowls


They’re called Buddha bowls for a reason; legend has it that Buddha, would take a stroll every morning with an empty bowl in hand. The villagers filled it with whatever food they had. The Buddha's humble breakfast dish over time evolved into the very insta-worthy Buddha Bowl. Buddha bowls go by many names. They're called sunshine or hippie bowls and even power bowls in certain countries. These bowls are nothing short of divine irrespective of what they're called!


Grain bowls


Think of it as a salad bowl, where the grains replace the greens. Grain bowls are a heartier version of your regular green salad. The base of a grain bowl well, are grains, that are layered with proteins, veggies and amazing dressings. 


Smoothie or Pitaya bowls


The original smoothie bowl was made with 'Pitaya' better known as Dragon Fruit. These bright pink bowls were not just easy on the eyes, they were an absolute delight to eat. As time passed by, different fruits were used as substitutes


Poke bowls or Hawaiian bowl


Poke bowls are quite common on the little island of Hawaii. ‘Sushi in a bowl’ as they’re fondly called consists mainly of tender, raw slices of fish that are tossed with veggies, rice, and umami-based dressings.


Salad bowls


Everyone's go-to bowls when in a mood to eat healthy are the evergreen salad bowls. Fresh ingredients are key to making a good salad. Salads usually are a combination of succulent proteins (veg or non-veg), fresh greens, crunchy veggies, and tangy dressings. Who can resist a good salad?


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