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Grains are the new greens!

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Grains are the new greens!

Heard of grain bowls? It's about time we introduced you to them! Think of it as a salad, where the grains replace the greens. Grain bowls are a heartier version of your regular green salad. The base of a grain bowl well, are grains, that are layered with proteins, veggies and amazing dressings.

Here’s our break down on how you could fix yourself a stellar grain bowl:


Essential Grains


A grain bowl without grains makes no sense! Grains have been around for centuries, nurturing and feeding people for generations. They are good enough to be eaten alone and have numerous health benefits. Versatile grains like quinoa, millet, barley and rice are mainly used as the grain base for these delish bowls, however, getting creative and experimenting with other common grains is no sin, we assure you. Try some native millets, maybe?


Healthy Veggies


Grains bowls must feature a combination of cooked as well as raw veggies – the fresher the better. The combination also tends to lend texture to the dish as well as provide essential nutrients in every bite.


Vital Proteins


The addition of a proteins completes a grain bowl. The vegetarian variants can have soya or tofu, whereas the non-vegetarian can choose between eggs, chicken, fish, duck, pork, and so much more!


Tasty Dressings


The secret ingredient that binds a grain bowl is definitely the dressing. The saucy dressing not only adds the extra tang and punch in terms of flavour. It also provides the much-needed moisture to an otherwise dry dish.


Easy to assemble, super-healthy, and absolutely delicious. Here is our take on the these trendy and healthy bowls. A fit and fabulous you is about a few grain bowls away! Check out our ever-changing menu now and order food online easily!