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Mango and Brownie Cheesecake

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Mango and Brownie Cheesecake

Did you know cheesecake may have been created on the Greek island of Samos? Cheese mold as old as 2,000 BC was excavated by anthropologists on the island leading one to believe that cheese was in full-fledged production at the time. We’ve got the regular and the seasonal together to create a belter of a dessert. A rich, chocolatey slab of brownie bears a creamy mango cheesecake riddled with diced mango. A delicate glaze of mango pulp with a spoonful of cherry compote by the side completes this celebration of mangoes and chocolate.



For base

Brownie - 100gms

Water - 300ml

Oil - 150ml

For cheesecake mix

Cream cheese - 250gms

Cornflour - 10gms

Cream - 25ml

Eggs - 150gms

Sugar - 100gms

Mango pulp - 50gms



1. Prepare a base of brownie mixture (as per the recipe). Bake it completely and cool it. 

2. Pour the cheese cake mixture over the base. Place the mango chunks over the cheese cake mix. Bake using a water-bath until done.

3. Chill and apply a layer of glace, mixed with gel, cut into triangle wedges ( refer image) and serve with cherry compote on the side.

Mango Brownie and Cheescake.JPG

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