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Fig and Honey Parfait

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Fig and Honey Parfait

A creamy, smooth hung curd mix rests comfortably over crunchy muesli and is topped off with sweet figs, assorted fruits, and honey. There's delight in every sweet scoop.


Diced assorted fruits - 30gms

Diced boiled figs - 20gms

Hung curd - 70gms

Fresh cream - 15gms

Muesli - 30gms

Honey - 10gms

Mint Sprig for garnish


Figs should be boiled and then diced. Keep them chilled.

Take a container, add muesli on the base. Top it up with hung curd and cream mixture (there should not be any lumps).

Add diced assorted fruits and figs. Figs should be more in number.

Drizzle honey on top and garnish with a mint sprig.

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