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Plan your day with FreshMenu!

Freshmenu Blog
Plan your day with FreshMenu!

The monsoon beckons and with it, thoughts of warm soups, crispy sides, and hot beverages! On days when you cant decide what you need to eat, it's only wise to follow the plan for the day, make the day memorable with some deliciously unforgettable food!  


9am – Breakfast:

Banoffee French Toast

The very British Banoffee Pie takes on a breakfast favourite – the French toast. Roundels of fresh banana are sandwiched between slices of cream-cheese smeared bread. A quick dip in a creamy egg, milk and flour batter later, your Banoffee sandwiches are toasted with butter to a golden crisp. The absolute yumminess of bananas, cream and toffee in a classic. 



11am – Morning Snack:

Trail Mix Treat-Box

What better way to snack away than with our delicious and healthy Trail-Mix Combo, featuring Peanut Munch Trail-Mix, Going Nuts Trail-Mix, Puffed Red-Rice Trail-Mix, Roasted Seeds Trail-Mix, Puffed Black-Rice Trail-Mix and Harvest Trail-Mix.

trail mix.jpg



1pm – Lunch:

Andhra Chicken Biriyani with a refreshing can of Pepsi.

If biriyani is #bae, then, to the exhaustive list of biriyanis that you’ve already tried, here’s one that will make more than just the cut. Chicken, marinated with ginger, garlic and lemon juice, and a fine herby, spicy paste of green chillies, mint and coriander are tossed into a tomato and biriyani-masala flavoured gravy; and simmer until the flavours are married. Basmati with whole spices is layered with the spicy curry and steamed till perfection. A cucumber and tomato raita accompany this spicy Andhra Chicken Biriyani.

andhra chicken biriyani.JPG


5pm – Sweet Snack:

Coffee Tornado Pastry (Eggless)

A tornado of flavour for those who swear by their love for coffee! A freshly baked vanilla sponge soaks in splashes of coffee-flavoured sugary syrup before being layered and packed with baby domes of cream cheese and dusted with cocoa!

tornado pastry.JPG


7pm – Supper:

Greek Cheesy Chicken Soup

 Veggies and chicken cubes are cooked together in a rich creamy sumac-scented chicken stock and finished with cheddar cheese. Slurp on deliciousness, unapolagettically!

Greek soup.jpg


9pm – Dinner:

Mega Chicken-Steak Salad

This is no ordinary salad - light, full of flavour and satiating! Barbeque sauce, thyme and garlic infused grilled and sliced chicken; sliced carrot and radish and boiled egg sit pretty on sautéed pearl barley, mixed sprouts, green bean, carrot, cucumber, pomegranate and golden corn. A portion of nutty peanut-butter mayo accompanies your salad!

mega chciken.JPG

From breakfast to dinner, we have your meal plan for the day sorted! Check out and order yummy dishes, today!