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Plan your day with FreshMenu!

Freshmenu Blog
Plan your day with FreshMenu!

Enjoy the weekends, take a break from kitchen duties as we have the whole day's menu planned out for you. Relax, binge-watch, and enjoy the weekend.  


9am – Breakfast:

Maple pancake

Traditionally pancakes were eaten in large quantities on Shrove Day – a day of guilt-free feasting and partying before Lent began. The Elizabethans liked their pancakes spiced, flavoured with rose water, sherry and apples. The Greco-Romans liked their pancakes sweetened with honey. We fluff up these discs of sheer bliss and serve them doused with oodles of maple syrup and fresh, seasonal fruits. Now, that’s a great start to your day! 

maple pancake.JPG


11am – Morning Snack:

Trail Mix

Mulberry Trail mix: Power-packed with a combination of crunchy mulberry, cashews, peanuts, cranberries, roasted sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and sultana raisins – go nuts on our nutty trail mix, the healthiest snack you could ask for!

Nutty Trail.jpg


1pm – Lunch:

Chipotle Chicken Salad

Here's a luscious summer salad which stars the goodness of chipotle-grilled chicken steaks, paired with a colourful ensemble of charred sweet-corn and fresh peppers tossed in chipotle-chilli vinaigrette and placed on a bed of quinoa and lettuce. 

Chip salad.jpg


5pm – Tea-time:

Fruit 'n' Nut Cheesecake Bar

There’s a time for energy bars, and then there's an altogether different time for a decadent, crumbly, fruit-filled bar with a silky layer of cream cheese. Here’s a fruit and nut loaded vanilla cheesecake bar dipped in pure dark-chocolate and coated with Oreo and candied fruits, and sprinkled with gold dust for a touch of oomph. 



7pm – Supper:

Soup: Smokey Chicken Tomato Soup

Plump, ripe tomatoes feature in the delicious soup that will warm your soul – pulled roasted chicken, sautéed peppers, corn, kidney beans teem in a rich, creamy tomato broth that is served with a handful of fried nachos for that lovely crunch

Smokey Chicken tomato soup.jpg


9pm – Dinner: Woodsman Chicken Pizza

With great fervour, our chefs talk about their latest creation – the Woodsman Pizza. And for good reason! The smoky aroma and the woody flavour play in tandem to hand you a pizza that you will remember. Deboned chicken leg, marinated with Worcestershire sauce, British roast-seasoning and rosemary, is grilled, diced and rested to keep the juices intact. The pizza base calls for an in-house special tomato sauce, cheese sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, onion, pepper and cheddar cheese before being baked to a blistering golden. Finished off with a fine drizzle of barbeque sauce, the Woodsman Pizza is your stairway to pizza heaven.

woodsman pizza.JPG


We want you off kitchen duties on the weekend! Check out and take a break now!