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FootBall Countries and their cuisines

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 FootBall Countries and their cuisines

While the worlds celebrates the football season, we celebrate the food the footballers love! Every country has their own unique cuisine that is, as authentic and unique as the next. Take a look at these dishes dedicated to these football-crazy countries.



When you think of Moroccan cuisine, couscous is probably the first thing that comes to your mind, we promise you that there is much more to it than what meets the eye when it comes to this ethnic cuisine. They use Mediterranean fruits, veggies, and spices heavily and are known for their Tajines, a dish that's named after the vessel that it's cooked in and its famous spice mix - ras el hanout, which consists of 27 different spices!

moroccon soup.jpg

Moroccan Spiced Chicken Bean Soup


English cooking styles have been an amalgamation of various foreign influences, from North African to Italian, the influences are unmistakable. The Brits are known again known. Fish and chip, the traditional sunday roast beef, and the legendary English breakfast, these are some classic English dishes that the rest of the world has developed an affinity toward.

English b.jpg

English Breakfast



Australian cuisine is unique, it takes influences from its indigenous societies as well as various other immigrants settlers from other countries. The modern Australian cuisine is a true celebration of global cuisine, incorporating exotic flavours and cooking techniques from the world over.  

roaas chicken.jpg

Roast Chicken



The land of beer, sausages, and the black forest cake -  German cuisine is extraordinary.

Roasted Sausages 'n' Hash Browns (Non Veg).JPG

Roasted Sausages 'n' Hash Browns



From the land of the rising sun! The dishes, the flavours, as well as the unique culture, nothing can quite match the authentic flavours that Japanese. cuisine cooks up.

jap sal.jpg

Japanese Veggie Salad


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