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FootBall Countries and their cuisines

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FootBall Countries and their cuisines

While the worlds celebrates the football season, we celebrate the food the footballers love! Every country has their own unique cuisine that is, as authentic and unique as the next. Take a look at these dishes dedicated to these football-crazy countries.



Russia is not just famous for its expertise on all things vodka,  its unique cuisine is appealing too, it's food culture is quite refined, it's also a cuisine that is influenced by European and East Asian cuisine amongst others.

mini russian.jpg

Mini Russian Salad



This ethnic cuisine regards its origins to the natives and immigrants of the country. the flavours, the style ppof cooking and the ingredients that are used are as unique as the cuture of the land. 

Brazilian Churrasco Burger



A 9000-year-old cuisine that has seeped it way into the modern world with ease - say "Hola" to Mexican cuisine. This cuisine is all about bold flavours, spice, and colour making it appealing to the all the senses. 


Mexican Burrito Bowl



French cuisine may have Italian influences, however its has developed it's own distinct style over centuries. Its may not be too cliched to think of wine and cheese when you think of French cuisine as they contribute largely to this style of cuisine. French cuisine is so sophisticated and modern that its termed to be an 'intangible cultural heritage' by  UNESCO.


French Double-Cooked Chicken



People of peru stay true to their root, metaphorically and quite literally too! They love their tubers and ancient grains and embrace local cooking methods that have been followed for generations.  


Peruvian Grilled Chicken and Mashed Peas

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