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Warm Kimchi Rice Bowl

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Warm Kimchi Rice Bowl

Kimchi is, of course, an acquired taste but, hey, the Koreans devised this meal to stay full during the most bitter of winter days! Kimchi that we know today is a result of a number of ancestral kimchi recipes put together. Add to that our version too! Shredded bok choy, Chinese cabbage, green cabbage and red cabbage seasoned and sautéed with garlic to accentuate the flavour, are packed over peppered butter fried-rice and mushrooms tossed in a luscious soy-garlic sauce.



Oil - 5ml

Butter - 5gms

Boiled Rice - 250gms

Chopped Garlic - 5gms

Brunoise Carrot - 10gms

Brunoise Beans - 20gms

Chilli Paste - 15gms


Aromat Powder - 0.5gms

White Pepper Powder - 0.5gms

Chopped Spring Onion - 1gm

Light Soya Sauce - 1gm

Sliced Carrot - 10gms

Sliced Cabbage - 20gms

Sliced Red Cabbage - 10gms

Sliced Pok Choy - 15gms

Sliced Chinese Cabbage - 10gms

Broccoli - 20gms

Chopped Garlic - 3gms

For the Mushroom and Sauce

Sliced Fresh Mushroom - 30gms

Sliced Shiitake Mushroom - 30gms

Shredded Mix Bell Pepper - 15gms

Chopped Onion - 5gms

Chopped Garlic - 5gms

Chopped Ginger - 3gms

chilli paste - 15gms

oyster sauce - 10gms

soya sauce - 2gms

Salt - 0.5gms

Aromat Powder - 0.5gms

white pepper powder - 0.5gms

Vinegar - 0.5gms

Stock water - 60ml

Corn flour - 5gms

White sesame seeds - 0.5g



For the butter garlic veggie fried rice.
1. Heat a wok, add oil and butter, add chopped garlic, stir-fry till brown in colour. Now add the brunoise carrot and beans and stir-fry and then add the boiled rice.

2. Add chilli paste light soy and vinegar adjust seasoning stir-fry finish it with chopped spring onion and fried garlic for the stir-fried vegetable
Heat oil in a wok add chopped garlic and add all the sliced vegetables, stir-fry it for a few minutes.
Adjust the seasoning and add the sauces. Garnish with white Sesame seeds.

For the mushroom  sauce
Heat a oil in a wok, add chopped onion, garlic, ginger and let it brown, add chilli paste, mushroom oyster sauce, then the sliced bell-pepper and mushroom.
Add the stock, adjust the seasoning, thicken with corn flour, and check consistency.

IMGL3409_Warm Kimchi Rice Bowl.JPG

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