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Wasabi Crispy Fried Corn

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Wasabi Crispy Fried Corn

This Japanese-style fried corn is in for the kill! Crispy, tempura-fried golden corn is tossed with crunchy bell-peppers, onions and the stellar WASABI sauce! Pair it with one of our rustic mains and your meal is good to go! 



Diluted corn flour - 5gms

Wasabi powder - 4gms

Crispy corn and paneer

Sweet corn - 200gms

Corn flour - 10gms

Aromat seasoning - 1gm

Oil to deep fry

Red pepper - 15gms

Yellow pepper - 15gms

Green pepper - 20gms

Onion - 10gms

Chopped garlic - 3gms

Chopped ginger - 1gm

Chopped spring onion - 1gm

Sliced red chilli - 1


For the sauce

Light soya - 3ml

Lemon juice - 3ml

Green chilli paste - 3gms

Coriander paste - 10gms

Aromat seasoning - 1gm





Chilli oil - 2ml



Crispy corn: Take a bowl, add cornflour and sweetcorn,  toss it well and adjust seasoning. Deep fry the mix till its crisp and golden. Drain out excess oil and keep it aside. 

For the sauce: Saute garlic-ginger, add green chilli paste, coriander paste, light soy, lemon juice, adjust seasoning. Add water and the diluted cornflour and allow it to simmer for few minutes.

 Toss the sweet corn, peppers, onion and paneer in the dry sauce. Garnish with spring onion and wasabi powder and serve.


Wasabi Crispy Fried Corn.jpg

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