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Soy Ginger Chicken

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Soy Ginger Chicken


Did you know, about 5000 years before, the common-spice ginger was considered an item of luxury? One would have to barter a healthy sheep or even an entire livestock for a pound or two of ginger! Here’s a lip-smacking appetizer starring the aromatic root-spice – garlic-marinated, batter-fried chicken, peppers, tomato and garlic are sautéed and tossed in a ginger-laden soy-chilli sauce. A hint of sugar and pepper play in tandem taking the appetizer up a notch.


For batter frying chicken

Chicken leg boneless - 140gms

Chopped garlic - 2gms

Flour - 5gms

Corn flour - 5gms

Aromat seasoning - 0.5gms



Oil for deep frying


For tossing


Chopped ginger - 4gms

Chopped garlic - 1gms

Sliced green chilli - 2gms

Chilli paste - 15gms

Tomato ketchup - 8gms

Dark soy - 4gms

Light soy - 2gms

Vinegar - 5ml

Diced tomato - 20

Diced green capsicum - 20gms

Diced onion - 5gms

Chopped coriander - 1gm

Chopped spring onion - 1gm

Salt - 0.5gm

Pepper - 0.5gm

Sugar - 0.5

Aromat seasoning - 1gm

Diluted corn flour - 0.5gm



For Batter frying. 

Cut chicken leg boneless into dices,  marinate with salt aromatic seasoning and chopped garlic. 

Make a batter. Dip the chicken dices and batter-fry till golden brown in colour.  

 For soy ginger chicken. Heat oil in a wok add chopped garlic and ginger stir fry then add sliced green chilli add chilli paste. 

Now add stock and all other sauces adjust seasoning. Reduce and add diluted corn flour. Check proper consistency now add the chicken, peppers, tomato and onion. 

Finish with chopped coriander and chopped spring onion.  

Soy ginger chicken.JPG