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Top 5 food trends that you should try

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Top 5 food trends that you should try


Food trends are all the rage now. It's not about just taste anymore, it's about the textures, the colours of dishes. Take a look at what the world is eating. 



Like all the other ancient grains, Farro has made quite the comeback. It’s chewy texture, and subtle nuttiness has become a taste that’s hard to forget. We haven’t yet jumped onto the Farro bandwagon, but our Indian ancient grains are surely something that our consumers love. Check out our dishes that are dedicated to other ancient grains.


Colour Theory

Colours are invading food territory in a spectacular way. We aren't talking about subtle hues, we’re talking bold, eye-catchy, brilliant shades that demand a second look. Blood-red teas, bright green matcha ice-creams, charcoal black cup-cakes, cool blue kool-aid marinated chicken wings, golden yellow turmeric milk and the list goes on. The world is literally eating with its eyes first!


Short bursts of energy-bites

In today’s millennial world, everyone's looking for hacks – easier ways to do the same task at hand. In the food world, energy bites are definitely the food hack that’s got everyone hooked. From granola bars to oatmeal bombs, these on-the-go quick bites are all the rage at the moment.


Jars of Joy

Last year saw an explosion of food in jars, and people decided to put everything in adorable glass jars: a win-win for the environment as well as these are reusable and recyclable jars. From salads to cupcakes, there's is literally nothing a jar can’t hold.


Plant Proteins.

Meat is not the only source of protein anymore. People are turning towards plants to 'meat' their protein requirement for the day. Quinoa, lentils, hemp, and lots more are good sources of proteins and have definitely gone mainstream this year.

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