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South-West Macaroni Salad

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South-West Macaroni Salad

Yankee Doodle stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni because he thought it was fashionable. Back then, young British men who spent time traversing Europe, absorbing art, history and literature, returned with Italian clothes and exotic Italian dishes like macaroni. The British, after their American counterparts tried to copy their mannerisms, wrote the song Yankee Doodle to mock the Americans. There, mystery solved. Macaroni in salad? Possible! Cucumber, bell pepper, zucchini, pineapple and al dente macaroni are coated with a zesty yogurt-mayo dressing and finished off with capers, parsley and spring onions.

Boiled Macaroni - 80gms

Small diced deseeded cucumber - 30gms

Bell pepper, julienne - 30gms

Pineapple, cut into triangles - 30gms

Zucchini, diced and pan tossed - 30gms

Blanched broccoli florets - 30gms

Black olives halves - 5gms

Jalapeno cut into four slices - 5gms

Cherry tomato halves - 10gms

Grated parmesan - 20gms

Sliced spring onion - 2gms

Chopped Capers - 0.5gms


For Dressing

Take the mayo, add chopped spring onions, chopped parsley and chopped capers. Adjust seasoning whisk it well keep it in the chiller.

Take the rest of the ingredients mentioned, toss it well with the dressing and adjust seasoning.      

 Garnish it with grated parmesan and sliced spring onions and serve. 


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