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Howzatt Kimchi Baby Corn

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Howzatt Kimchi Baby Corn


Kimchi is, of course, an acquired taste but, hey, the Koreans devised this meal to stay full during the most bitter of winter days! Kimchi that we know today is a result of several ancestral kimchi recipes put together. Crunchy batter-fried baby corn, peppers and Kimchi essentials cabbage and bok choy are tossed in a daring, luscious chili sauce spiced further with Sriracha. Finished off with dash of rice-wine vinegar, sesame oil, spring onions and crushed, toasted peanuts, here’s a delicious Korean-style appetizer! Serves 2.


For the batter

Baby Corn – 150gms

Flour – 10gms

Corn flour – 10gms



Aromat seasoning - 0.5gms

For the sauce


Chopped garlic – 2

Chopped ginger – 1

Chopped red chili – 3gms

Chili paste – 5gms

Light soy – 4ml

Sesame oil – 4ml

Tomato ketchup – 15ml

Rice wine vinegar – 4ml

Sriracha seasoning – 2gms

Other required ingredients

Cut red pepper (triangular) – 20gms

Cut bokchoy - (triangular) – 20gms

Batons of spring onion – 5

Chinese cabbage (diced) – 20gms

Crushed roasted peanut – 2gms


1. Make the batter with the ingredients mentioned. Dip the baby corn and deep fry till golden brown in colour.

2. Now, take a wok, heat oil, add chopped ginger, chopped garlic and red chili and stir-fry the mix. Add light soy sauce and rice wine vinegar and adjust seasoning.

3. Now add the other vegetables stir-fry at high heat, finish it with spring onion batons.
Garnish with toasted peanuts and serve.