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Habanero Orange Millet Feta Salad

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Habanero Orange Millet Feta Salad

What makes a good salad? The super fresh ingredients, of course! Juicy cucumbers, pineapple and cheese… just to get the ball rolling, and other delish veggies are tossed with a zingy Habanero spice mix, to which is added some succulent orange wedges and foxtail millets. The salad almost does a little tango with your taste-buds when the citrusy, spiced-vinaigrette dressing meets the crunchiness and explodes in your mouth.



For salad

Pineapple triangles - 40gms

Orange segments - 60gms

Cherry tomato halves - 10gms

Foxtail millet boiled - 40gms

Mix lettuce - 25gms

Black olive halves - 5gms

Feta crumble - 5 gms

Cucumber small dices - 30gms



Lemon juice - 4ml

Pomace oil - 5ml

Habanero spice mix - 1gm

For Vinaigrette  



Lemon juice


Chopped coriander - 2gms



 For salad

 Take a clean bowl, add all the vegetable, then add the mixed lettuce, adjust seasoning. Add the pineapple pieces and toss it well. Do not add millet and orange to it.

 Now make the dressing. 

 Take the base dressing, whisk it well with chopped coriander adjust seasoning and then add habanero seasoning. 

Add orange wedges and foxtail millet toward the end, garnish with crumbled feta cheese dollops, rocket leaves and serve.


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