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Ranch exotic veggie pizza

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Ranch exotic veggie pizza

Did you know that a cowboy named Steve Henson invented the ‘ranch’ dressing back in the 50s? He eventually sold the recipe of the dressing to a mass producer for $8 million! We’ve whipped up our own lip-smacking ranch that features in this pizza! A generous streak of tomato sauce, followed by cheese sauce, mozzarella, mushroom, zucchini, peppers and broccoli grace the pizza base. A round-in-the-oven later, dollops of the in-house mustard, garlic and hung-curd ranch and torn rocket leaves are carefully cast in the stellar pizza, packed and sent straight to you



12" Pizza base - 1

Tomato sauce - 100gms

Veeba white cheese dressing - 100gms

Mozzarella cheese - 70gms

Sliced zucchini - 40gms

Red Bell peppers (cut into batons) - 30gms

Blanched broccoli florets - 20gms

Sliced button mushroom - 20gms



For ranch dollop.

Dijon Mustard - 2gms

Chopped chives - 0.5

Hung Curd - 20gms

Chopped Spring onion - 0.5

Minced garlic - 0.25

Lime Juice - 2ml



Rocket leaves - 5gms

Refined oil (to spray)



Take a pizza base spread pizza sauce carefully leaving the edges. Now add the cheese dressing top it up with mozzarella cheese. Add the vegetables. Bake the pizza in a preheated oven till done.

For the ranched dollop.
Take a clean bowl, add hung curd and whisk. Add the herbs, dijon mustard and adjust seasoning. Finish it with lemon juice.
After baking cut pizza into 8slices, add the ranched dollops and rocket leaves and serve.

IMGL9675_ Exotic Ranch Veggie Pizza .JPG

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