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Chicken Ham 'n' Cheese Omelette

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Chicken Ham 'n' Cheese Omelette

The brekkie classic, the omelette, gets a mighty, meaty twist! This fluffy celebration of beaten eggs is stuffed with oodles of cheese, peppers and sliced ham. Served with multi-grain garlic bread, this eggy-licious dish is your much-needed protein dose for the day!


For omelette

Egg (2 no) 120gms

Chopped onion - 2gms




Refined oil

For stuffing

Chopped mix peppers - 15gms

Chicken Ham cut into squares -30gms

Cheddar dollop - 20gms

Chopped leek 0.5 gms

Chopped celery - 10gms


Oregano 0.2gms

Garlic Bread (optional)



For stuffing.

 Heat oil and butter, saute leek, celery and add the chopped peppers. Add the chicken ham Toss it well and keep it aside.  

 Take a nonstick pan add butter and oil add chopped onion saute and then add the beaten egg. Heat the mixture and then add a dollop of cheddar cheese sauce. Fold it into a half moon shape an serve.