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Caribbean Chicken Salad Wrap

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Caribbean Chicken Salad Wrap

Smoky flavours and aromas all wrapped up, is what this quick bite is all about! The heroine of the dish, chicken, marinated with the effervescent peri-peri spice mix, garlic and lemon is grilled, diced, and with its juices tossed into a honey-mustard dressing with tomato, onion, pineapple, bell pepper, cucumber, lettuce, pickled paprika and jalapeño for that spicy, tangy crunch. This glorious, shall we say, salad, is wrapped with a warm tortilla and served in a box that’s yours.

Chicken breast boneless - 100gms



Lemon juice - 2ml

Peri-peri seasoning - 5gms

Chopped parsley - 1gm

Mince garlic - 2


Tortilla wrap - 1

Peri peri chicken dices - 90gms

Diced deseeded tomatoes - 30gms

Diced onion -25gms

Pineapple chopped - 30gms

Diced bell peppers - 30gms

Chopped parsley - 5gms

Jalapeno chopped - 5gms

Cucumber (cut into half-moon shapes) - 25gms

Mixed lettuce - 15gms

Pickled red paprika - 5gms


Black pepper

Lemon juice - 2ml

For the honey mustard mayo dressing

Mayonnaise - 45gms

Chopped parsley - 1gm

Kasundi mustard - 2.5gms

Honey - 5gms

Mix all the ingredients mentioned in the dressing list.

Adjust the seasoning and keep it aside.

Marinate the chicken with the mentioned ingredients and let it rest. Heat oil in a pan, place the chicken on top of the pan and cook it both sides for 2 minutes each side on a medium flame and then cook it in the oven till its done.

Once the chicken is, take it out of the oven and cooked cut it into dices.

Heat both sides of the tortilla sheet and fold it.

Mix all the ingredients with the dressing. Toss it well. Check seasoning and keep some amounts of dressing for the tortilla sheet.

Dab the dressing on the tortilla sheet, add the lettuce and tossed salad mix in the centre of the tortilla and serve hot. 

Caribbean Roast  chicken salad.JPG



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