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Googly Chicken Twisters

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Googly Chicken Twisters

Let’s just say that the word appetizer was derived from two words – appetite teasers. And a box of Googly Chicken Twisters is designed to do just that! Strips of chicken breast, seasoned with lemon juice, woodfire spice and pepper are panko crumbed, deep fried are tossed with the vivacious pair of oregano and paprika, before being drizzled with cheese sauce. Serves 2.


Chicken breast boneless – 140gms

Woodfire seasoning – 10gms



Lemon Juice - 2.5ml

Chopped Parsley - 2

Refined oil


Refined flour – 15gms

Panko Orange Crumbs – 30gms

Egg - 2

Pizza Seasoning ( Oregano chili ) – 4gms

White Cheese Dressing – 15gms

Refined oil for frying



1. Clean and cut the chicken into thin strips.

2. Marinate it with salt, pepper, woodfire seasoning, lemon juice, chopped parsley. Mix well. Let it marinate.

3. Now add flour and egg and mix it well. Crumb the chicken strips using Panko crumbs. Fry in hot oil

4. Once done, then sprinkle pizza seasoning on the hot chicken twisters.

5. Drizzle cheese sauce, garnish with chopped parsley on top and serve.

Googly Chicken Twisters.JPG