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Maori Fish Fingers

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Maori Fish Fingers

Fried fish never disappoints! The classic fish-fingers are given a twist with a dash of exotic Maori spices to tantalize your taste buds. Served with a jalapeño and green-chilli sauce, these fish fingers will have you smacking your lips till the last bite.




Lime juice - 50gms

Corriander stems - 100gms

Corriander leaves - 100gms

Fresh green chilli -25gms

Roasted cumin powder - 2gms

Garlic - 5gms

Fish Fingers

Basa fish fillets - 1000gms

Eggs - 3gms

Breadcrumbs - 500gms

Salt - 3gms

Pepper - 2gms

Flour - 150gms

Marinade - 100gms

Green Sauce

Jalapenos - 75gms

Green chillies - 25gms

Corriander leaves - 100gms

Garlic - 10gms

Lime juice - 25gms

Vinegar - 5gms



Hung curd - 250gms

Mayonnaise - 500gms



Cut fish into finger-size portions. Marinate in salt, pepper, coriander marinade for 30 mins. Add egg and flour and mix. Roll the fish in the crumbs and shape it like fingers.

Green sauce  

Method: Grind the ingredients (refer green sauce ingredients) to a paste. Mix with mayonnaise and hung curd and season.

Method: Grind all to a paste and marinate fish fingers.

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