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Thai and Mighty Festival

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Thai and Mighty Festival

The national cuisine of Thailand - Thai, is effortlessly intricate. A sense of harmony emanates from Thai dishes, thanks to their delicate textures, tantalizing aromas and exquisite taste. Thai dishes almost resemble paintings as the dishes are truly vivid and extremely pleasing to the eye. Thai Royal Cuisine is one variant of the cuisine, some say that there isn’t much difference between traditional Thai and Royal Thai cuisine, other than the grandeur presentation of the dishes, it's termed royal as it was mainly cooked in palaces for the royal families. It’s traditional to have a good, proper Thai meal while seated on the floor without using a fork or a spoon. However, over time, people have resorted to using utensils while feasting on these 'en-that-cing' dishes from the Orient.

We invite you to take your taste-buds on a journey through beautiful Thailand. Experience its unique flavours, unmistakable freshness in every morsel. Take a look at our 'Thai and Mighty' dishes, exclusively created to celebra

Thai festival.


Thai Red Curry Bowl

_17FM09494_Thai Red Curry with Steamed Rice (Veg) (1).jpg


Thai Green Curry

_17FM07192_Veg Thai Green Curry Combo (Serves 2-3).jpg


Thai Yellow Curry Bowl

_17FM09465_Thai Yellow Curry with Steamed Rice (Veg).jpg


Thai Chicken Bites

Thai Chicken Bites(Non Veg).jpg


Thai Roast Keto Chicken Steak

Thai Roast Keto Chicken Steak.JPG