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Roasted Veggie Cheesy Omelette

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Roasted Veggie Cheesy Omelette

We've found the perfect way to integrate winter-veggies with this eggy delight – winter-veggies tossed with a classic pesto and tucked away in an uber-soft, cheesy omelette! Try this eggs-travagant all-day snack, full of veggie love, served with two slices of soft, buttery multi-grain garlic bread


For omelette

Egg (2 nos) - 120gms

Chopped onion - 2



Butter - 2gms

Refined oil

For stuffing


Sliced mix peppers - 5gms

Sliced zucchini - 10gms

Sliced button mushroom - 10gms

Blanched broccoli florets - 10gms

Chopped onion - 2nos

Chopped parsley

Basil pesto - 4gms

Mozzarella cheese - 15gms

Salt - 0.5gms

Pepper - 0.5gms

Origano - 0.5gms

Lemon juice - 2ml



For Stuffing

 Heat oil and butter in a pan add chopped onion add the vegetables toss it till it’s a bit brown in colour.Adjust seasoning and keep the roasted vegetable mixture separate.


 Take a nonstick pan, add butter, oil,  chopped onion and saute. Add beaten egg. Heat the roasted vegetable mixture add basil pesto and mozzarella cheese. 

 Put the filling at the centre of the round omelette fold it into half-moon shape and serve   

pep ome.jpg