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Happy New Year!

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 Happy New Year!

India is the only country in the world with around five separate new year days. Depending on what calendar you follow, your new year day will fall anywhere between January and June. April 14 and 15 however ring in the new year for many cultures including Punjabi, Tamil, Malayali, Meitei, Bengali and Assamese. Here’s a bunch of chef-created dishes that pay tribute to these cultures with our own special global-style twist. Double up the celebrations with these delicious dishes that are on our menu over the weekend and will definitely add that extra pizzazz to your new year celebrations!

Bhatti Murgh Rice Bowl [14th April 2018 | Saturday ]

Bhatti Murgh Rice Bowl.jpg

Masalas and marinades in the dhabha kitchens evolved over time and eventually, Bhatti Ka Masala was born. The woody cinnamon that stands out in this special blend of Indian spices heightens the smoky flavour. Craving for a good old dhabha-style meal, are you? We’ve got you covered! Chicken drumstick and thigh marinated overnight in hung curd and Bhatti Ka Masala, and grilled just enough to retain the juices, served with a creamy caramelized-onion korma and cumin-flavoured basmati rice are only an order away! 


Dakshin Potatoes [ 14th April 2018 | Saturday ]

Dakshin Potatoes.jpg

The mighty potato is used quite extensively in the south of India where it is fried, baked, steamed and even used as a thickening agent at times thanks to the starch! Deep-fried, baby potatoes are tossed in an onion-based masala flavoured with the striking flavours of garlic, fennel and cinnamon, and then doused with a rich creamy mustard-mayo dressing! You will return for more, try it! 


Masala Pepper Chicken  [ 14th April 2018 | Saturday ]

When you think Chettinad, you think biriyani. But we bet the Chettiyars did not invent Chettinad masala just to put together biriyani. This spicy, piquant masala is versatile enough to turn any meat into wonder-meat. Our chefs put this age-old masala to good use in our Masala Pepper Chicken. Diced, deboned chicken-leg teeming in a tomato-infused fiery Chettinad gravy, garnished with freshly grated coconut – you’d give it five ‘star’ters!


Murgh Peshawari 'n' Laccha Paratha  [ 15th April 2018 | Sunday ] 

Murgh Peshawari 'n' Laccha Paratha.jpg

Developed in the royal kitchens of the Mughals, Mughlai cuisine has had a profound influence on the present-day Indian kitchen.  A unique combination of whole and ground spices, cream and butter give these dishes their distinctly rich aromas and flavours. We’ve given the classic Peshawari Murgh a touch of finesse to make you feel like royalty. Succulent chunks of chicken, marinated twice in a blend of masalas are smoked and simmered in a sweet, creamy, cardamom-flavoured gravy and served with crumbly, buttery laccha parathas.


Paneer Tikka Wrap [Both the days]

Paneer Tikka Wrap.jpg

We take a gift from global cuisine, the wrap, straight to the heart of Punjab for a pleasant transformation. Bite-size smoked paneer tikka and fresh juliennes of onion wrapped in a laccha paratha, smothered with a layer of spicy mint chutney that will leave you hungry for more! 

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