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Millet Fried Rice 'N' Schezwan Veggies

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Millet Fried Rice 'N' Schezwan Veggies

Go the millet way and gorge on our millet fried-rice bowl - fresh vegetables and diced paneer are tossed with the hot schezwan sauce and served a generous portion of spiced millet rice. Go ahead... your tummy will thank you!




For the Millet fried rice


Oil - 10ml

Boiled mix millet - 150gms

Brunoise cut carrot - 15gms

Brunoise cut beans - 20gms

Chopped spring onion - 2gms

Light soya - 1 ml

White Vinegar - 1ml

White pepper powder - 2gms



Aromat seasoning

Chopped garlic - 4gms

Chopped chilli -3gms

Sesame oil - 1ml

Chinese wine - 1ml


For the sauce and vegetables


Oil - 10ml

Diced cut paneer - 30gms

Diced cut yellow zucchini - 15gms

Diced cut green zucchini - 15gms

Diced cut baby corn - 20gms

Diced cut bell pepper - 20gms

Diced cut carrot - 15gms

Diced Chinese cabbage - 20gms

Diced cut bok choy - 20gms

Chopped onion - 10gms

chopped garlic - 5gms

Chopped ginger - 3gms

Chopped celery - 4gms

Diced cut red chilli dry - 1gms

Schezwan sauce - 10gms

Chilli paste - 3gms


Aromat powder - 1gm

White pepper powder

White Vinegar - 1ml

Stock - 100ml

Dilute corn flour - 10ml


For the Millet fried rice


Heat a clean Chinese wok add oil, add chopped garlic, chilli and the vegetables and stir-fry it for few minutes or until brown.


Add the millet mix, adjust seasoning, add the sauce and finish it with chopped spring onion.


For the sauce and veggie


Heat a Chinese wok, add oil, add chopped onion, garlic, celery, chilli paste and Schezwan sauce diced cut vegetables and stir-fry them.


Add stock, adjust seasoning and allow the sauce to thicken by adding diluted corn flour.

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