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Happy Chocolate Festival Week!

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Happy Chocolate Festival Week!

Chocolate is all about indulgence, it has been and will forever reign over mortals over generations to come. For all those who missed out on celebrating Chocolate day, (it fell on the 7th of July) we have something planned for you. We’re celebrating Chocolate all through the week! A chocolate festival with exclusive chocolate-based desserts, dishes, and more! Take a look at these deliciously gorgeous dishes that are all about chocolatey goodness and of course, indulgence!


Flourless Chocolate Cake

Flourless Chocolate Cake (Contains Egg).JPG

This sweet symphony of coffee and chocolate is sure to unfold a ballet of sensations on your taste-buds. A spoonful of this luscious chocolate flavoured cake laced with coffee-cream would be enough to make you swoon. 


Belgian Hot Chocolat


A delicious beverage to satisfy all your chocolate cravings. Once a much-celebrated drink among European nobility, it continues to be a favourite around the world. Perfect for any time of the day, we serve this yumminess in a jar, piping hot.

Choco-Mango Fantasy Cake

choco mango.jpg

Put the kettle on for a warm cup of tea and float away to the English countryside with a slice of our Choco Mango Fantasy to keep you company. First there was a dark-chocolate cake batter into which chunks of dark chocolate were folded. Then there was a velvety vanilla cake batter into which a delicious mango puree was folded. Then they paired, danced and swirled together in a cake pan, allowing almond slivers to grace the top, before being baked to bliss.


Choco-Chunk Cookies

choco chunks.jpg

Choco-chip cookies weren’t created by accident. Sometime in 1938, Chef Ruth Graves Wakefield decided to serve her customers at Toll House Inn in Massachusetts something different by folding in chocolate chunks into the dough – the choco-chip cookie. We present a chunkier version of America’s favourite nibble – a buttery dough of flour, cocoa and sugar with an overload of dark-chocolate chunks is dropped onto a warm tray and baked to a delightful crisp.


Dark-Chocolate Pudding


Back in the late 19th century, chocolate pudding was considered to be a wholesome, high-calorie meal for those with poor appetites, especially children. Bring your inner child out and celebrate with our Dark Chocolate Pudding that is a simple yet stunning dessert and makes for an incredible treat! Moist dark-chocolate pudding riddled with nougat and dark-chocolate chips is topped with a helping of rich dark chocolate ganache.

Lava Cake in a Jar (Eggless)


This 'cake in a jar' is truly a delectable dessert. It is carefully designed with layers of dark chocolate, crunchy nuts and dry fruit crumble. A melody of dark chocolate sprinkle is added to make it all the more indulgent. This dessert has won the hearts of many and is a stellar dish.

If that wasn't all the chcolate you needed, then here's a a little taste of more gooey goodness!

Celebrate chocolate with us! Indulge in some chocloate goodness today!