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5 reasons why soups are made for monsoons

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5 reasons why soups are made for monsoons

Soups in the monsoon. The sentence embodies perfection.  Why are soups perfect for the monsoon? Sit by a window, with a bowl of your favourite soup and watch the rain drench your garden… the answer will truly reveal itself with every delectable, soothing, warm sip. If that is'nt convincing enough, then these reasons will do the trick!


Soups can help you lose weight

Soups have a lower calorie count, and hence they do help in weight reduction.

A soup'er light soup - our Vietnamese Chicken Pho




Soups are easy-eating

No hassle, no complication while eating. You're never in a soup with this dish!

Our Tomato Basil Soup is all about simplicity

tomato basil soup.jpg



Soups are healthy

Soups contain a lot of veggies, healthy broth, and protein. It can be easily ingested making it the perfect under-the-weather food.

Our Minestrone Genovese soup fits the bill perfectly!

Minestrone Genovese Soup.jpg



Soups are filling.

Soups are meals on their own. You always tend to eat less after a good bowl of soup. This keeps your eating habits in control (if you keep them under control).

A creamy, chicken corn soup is all you need!

Creamy chicken soup.jpg



Soups are everywhere.

Every country has an individual version of the soup. Some like it hot, some like it bland. But they all love their soup

Our version of the Moroccan spiced chicken soup is as every bit as delicious!

moroccon soup.jpg

Hot soups are all you need this monsoon! Order delicious soups from various cuisines of the world! Check out now!