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A world of benefits await

Freshmenu Blog
A world of benefits await

Who doesn’t love exclusivity? Be it premier seats to the match of the season or an invite to the royal wedding, there’s a sense of inclusion and harmless pride that one feels when exclusivity comes into play. FreshClub is all about exclusivity. Chef-crafted gourmet meals made only for the select few who dare to step into a world of tasty benefits.

Take a look at our club-exclusive, deliciously hypnotic dishes that are bound get those taste-buds tingling and hearts pounding.

Select dishes for a select audience.

Welcome to FreshClub.



Red Sauce Lasagne

Red sauce lasagne.jpg

Tell an Italian that the Greek invented lasagne and she’ll wave her arm at you in utter disgust and disbelief. An eat so dear to the Italians was indeed put together in the Middle Age by the Greek who packed chamber pots with flattened dough, cheese and meat calling it ‘lasanon’. Assorted veggies slow-cooked in tomato- and cashew-based sauce present this Epicurean wonder a depth of enviable flavours. Served with bread roll.



Roasted Sausages 'n' Hash Browns (Non Veg)

Roasted Sausages 'n' Hash Browns (Non Veg).JPG

Tucked away quietly between sliced hot-dog buns, frankfurters or chicken sausages have in fact made their way to space with the astronauts on the Apollo 7 mission in 1968! Here we like to slice and sauté them with caramelised onions, toss them with a dash lemon juice and pepper and serve them hot with crispy, golden-fried hash browns. How about that from a delicious breakfast?



Lychee Cherry Jar (Eggless)

A luscious fruity flavored dessert jar that comes with notes of delicate lychee, supported by cherry compote.This is layered with English pound cake and topped with stewed lychee, this indeed is a jar full of happiness!



Greek Roast Stuffed Chicken

Greek Roast Stuffed Chicken (Non Veg).JPG

In the mood for some roast? How about a delicious Stuffed Greek Roast Chicken? Light, savoury and satiating, the Greek-inspired flavours hand down the chicken a hit of robustness that will leave you happy and craving for more. Chicken breast, seasoned and marinated with thyme and Moroccan mint, stuffed with tomato and zucchini is grilled to a sizzle, and served with red-wine infused velvety butter-sauce, quinoa and brown rice tossed with spinach and olives, sautéed assorted veggies and finished off with sour cream. 



Blueberry Brownie Cheesecake


You’ve probably said, “OMG! Blueberry Cheesecake is my fave,” plenty of times. Time to rephrase that expression. Try our latest creation and you will certainly scream out loud – “OMG! This Blueberry Brownie Cheesecake is my new fave!” Gently creamed cheese, cream, eggs, sugar and cornflour, poured over a freshly baked brownie is rippled with blueberry compote, baked in a water-bath and garnished with plenty more, blueberry goodness.


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